Airport Master Plan

Rehbein AOS Airport Consulting was commissioned by Wagga Wagga City Council to prepare an Airport Master Plan setting out the required infrastructure to support the long-term growth and development of Wagga Wagga Airport over the period to 2030 and beyond. Furthermore, the Master Plan considers the development of the area surrounding the existing civil airport and the role of the airport in the future development of the region.

The direct activities of the aviation sector are equivalent to almost 70% of Wagga Wagga's agriculture, forestry and fishing sector activity and double that of the Wagga Wagga wholesale trade sector. This highlights the importance of Wagga Wagga's aviation sector in the broader economy.

Over the last few years, prompted by the Wagga Wagga Airport Master Plan 2010, close to $8 million in capital works have been completed, including civil construction on the new commercial aviation and light aircraft precinct. These investments will help to realise the vision to establish Wagga Wagga as a world-class aviation education and training city, and the airport as a centre of national aviation significance.

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